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Inspired by a local condiment from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Mother In Law is traditionally a chunky-style salsa. Recipes vary by region but Mother In Law is almost always mostly savory, with slight bitter notes, a touch of sweetness and a healthy amount of fire…not too dissimilar from its namesake right? We harnessed the fruitiness of green mangoes and Scotch Bonnet peppers and offset that with the tannins of caraili also known as bitter melon. We rounded off our recipe with fresh garlic, Trinidadian herbs, the natural sweetness of carrots and of course a healthy dose of fire from our West Indies Habaneros and Trinidad Scorpions.

  • Peppers – Trinidad Scorpion, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero
  • Heat Level – X-Hot
  • Try It With – Roti, Doubles, Curry, Street Food
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West Indies Peppers

Green Mango

Bitter Melon

Chadon Beni

The most common question we receive on the local market circuit is “What’s the hottest sauce you’ve got?”. This may be it. Mother In Law has a slow build thanks to the harmony between the Scotch Bonnet and West Indies Habanero peppers, but what separates it from the rest of our line up is that the heat lingers. This is thanks to the Trinidad Scorpion pepper that will keep you on your toes and demand your respect, just like most mother in law’s would. This a classic Fury Hot Sauce ie perfectly balanced and flavor-first, but with a little extra punch.

The name says it all.

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7 reviews for Mother In Law

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Very tasty that can satisfy the real hot sauce fanatics.

  4. Cody Weeks (verified owner)

    Favorite hot sauce I’ve ever bought, I’m on my 3rd bottle and this goes into many meals, such great flavor and good amount of heat

  5. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    It’s one of a hella hot! best spicy sauce ever!

  6. TONY L. (verified owner)

    Got through 3 chicken wings tossed in Mother in Law… then I spoke to Jesus for a while … don’t mess around with this mama jama!!

  7. Nicole (verified owner)

    This is my second bottle of this hot sauce! It is so spicy and flavourful, I was so grateful to find out that you deliver!!

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