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You know that if we are going to do it then we are going to do it right. Sriracha through the lens of Fury Hot Sauce; Fermented jalapeños, garlic confit and smoked habaneros.

  • Peppers – Jalapeño, Habanero
  • Heat Level – Medium
  • Try It With – Pho,  Pizza, Wings
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Jalapeno Peppers

Garlic Confit

Smoked Habanero

Sea Salt

This is not Sriracha as you know it. We captured the nostalgic appeal of classic Sriracha sauce but elevated the profile overall through our fermentation process and purpose-driven manipulation of the ingredient profile. The result is harmonious balance, unrivalled depth of flavour and nuanced heat.
Our Sriracha starts with a medley of ripe, Ontario-grown jalapeños. We offset the jalapeño heat with silky, smooth, garlic confit. The garlic confit is bursting with deep, funky, sweetness, caramelized notes on the nose, and umami on the tail. This rich blend is emulsified with a lively splash of distilled vinegar for the acidity we crave and dehydrated, organic cane juice to round it all out. We then incorporate a kiss of wood-smoked, dehydrated habanero’s for additional complexity and character.

This is Sriracha for grownups.

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3 reviews for Sriracha

  1. John S. (verified owner)

    Very surprised at how good it was

  2. Geoff Sharman (verified owner)

    A family favourite. New staple in the fridge.

  3. Justine (verified owner)

    Everyone in our house, including our 11 year old, loves this sauce! It’s so versatile and flavorful. Not too spicy.

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