Kids Hot Sauce?

Don’t you wish there was a guilt-free, healthier option at mealtime for the little ones? Everything is jammed with refined sugars, sodium, food coloring and all types of lab ingredients we can’t even pronounce. That’s why we created Kids Fury, a “hot sauce” for kids with all the flavor and none of the heat.

Introducing Kids Fury

Kids Fury is hot sauce for kids. We crafted all of our Kids Fury sauces with special Habanero peppers that retain all of the classic Habanero flavor but no heat. This isn’t baby food. This is hot sauce, with no heat. Clocking in at 80% less sugar than bbq sauce and almost 90% less sodium than ketchup, Kids Fury is truly a guilt-free option to supercharge flavors and save the day one meal at a time. Try it as a dipping sauce, marinade or even a bbq glaze.

Never beg junior to eat veggies again.

Mom and dad might need their own bottle.

A boost of flavor and a pop of brightness.