The Inspiration

Fury Hot Sauce recipes are inspired by the family’s multi-cultural heritage and travels together.

Together they’ve spent years chasing sunsets across the islands of the Antilles. Many of their fondest culinary experiences span the Caribbean, while their epicurean sensibilities are rooted in their heritage. Each bottle of Fury is an ode to a time or a place they have shared.


Born In A Pandemic

Father and Son, Leith and Addington, incorporated Fury Hot Sauce in late 2020, but the journey had started years prior in their backyard garden. Together they’ve spent every moment carefully cultivating and nurturing hot peppers from seed to sauce.

In bringing Fury to life, every aspect of the business was re-imagined. Every meticulous detail from the customer journey to regional cultivars was considered. Exhaustive trial and error, painstaking commitment to quality and an unwavering pursuit of excellence has resulted in a product line that they’re abundantly proud of.


Choose Fury Hot Sauce

Seed to sauce; that’s the Fury process and commitment. The process is slow and meticulous. Starting from seed selection and through germination, cultivation, 6 months of fermentation and finally, processing. By being hands on from beginning to end, Fury maintains strict quality assurances, ensuring the best product possible.

The result is the best lineup of all-natural hot sauces available. You deserve the best, but you already knew that(that’s why you’re here).

Our Commitment

Every bottle of Fury Hot Sauce is hand-crafted with care.

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