Our Mission:

Celebrate diverse cultures and flavours.


Fury Hot Sauce started simply as quality time in the garden between father and son, Leith and Addy. Together they spent hours cultivating and nurturing plants, which eventually led down the rabbit hole of pepper fermentation and hot sauce making.

Fury Hot Sauce is inspired by the flavours of our family’s multi-cultural heritage, and culinary memories forged together.


Before founding Fury Hot Sauce, Leith Bengtson was a Director of Marketing and Business Development for one of the world’s largest REIT’s.

A creative at heart, he resigned from his corporate gig in search of more fulfillment. Fury Hot Sauce was born in the pandemic, and with it, big dreams. We continue to build and make a small difference in the world, one meal at a time.


Our purpose is clear; Celebrate diverse cultures and flavours.

We strive to showcase the flavours that have inspired our own journey, support our local community and bring light to the people and cultures that make it special.