Our Mission:

Celebrate Diverse Cultures and Flavours


Fury Hot Sauce™ started simply as quality time in the garden between father and son –  but once the pandemic struck it evolved into so much more.

The world was in dissaray and suddenly the hours spent cultivating and nurturing plants together had evolved into an opportunity to teach a valuable life lesson; How to build a business from the ground up. 


Founder, Leith Bengtson, resigned from the world’s largest REIT and launched Fury Hot Sauce™ in 2020.

Fury Hot Sauce™ was born in the pandemic, and with it, big dreams.

‘Fury’ is available at specialty retailers across 6 provinces as well as Australia and the US. Affectionately regarded as Canada’s best handcrafted hot sauce, Fury is handcrafted in small batches in Burlington, Ontario.


Our purpose is to celebrate diverse cultures and flavours.

We have reimagined hot sauces through the lens of our own journey and our family’s multicultural heritage.

Fury Hot Sauce™ is committed to supporting our local community and bringing light to the people, cultures and flavours that make it special.