The Aspiration

You’ve heard the story; Before becoming a full-time dreamer entrepreneur, Founder Leith Bengtson was a Director of Marketing and Business Development for the world’s largest REIT. He quickly found himself uninspired, unfulfilled and wildly uncomfortable with a life sans purpose.

And that’s when he realized it was time to become a full-time gambler cliche. He ditched the rat race in pursuit of a life filled with uncertainty, challenges and curve balls. Turns out it was the most rewarding decision he’d ever made.


The Inspiration

Fury Hot Sauce started simply as quality time in the garden between father and son, Leith and Addy. Together they would spend hours cultivating and nurturing plants and eventually began pepper fermentation and subsequently, hot sauce making.

Fury Hot Sauce is inspired by the flavors of the family’s multi-cultural heritage, and memories forged together of culinary experiences shared traveling.


The Purpose

Celebrating diverse cultures and flavors through all-natural, fermented hot sauces is what we do. Our line of hot sauces are absolutely delicious and quite frankly the best, all-natural, fermented hot sauces available(At least that’s what our customers tell us).

Our Commitment

Every bottle of Fury Hot Sauce is hand-crafted with care.

small batch
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